Our work gets us involved in many industries...

Built Environment

Our work in the built environment focuses on sustainability, energy efficiency and increased environmental awareness. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Alternative Solutions for car park ventilation (to AS1668 and other standards) incorporating impulse (jet) fans, natural ventilation and optimization of mechanical supply/exhaust flow rates
  • Optimization of air flows, temperatures and HVAC designs for buildings including electrical substations
  • Fire & smoke assessments for fire engineering Alternative Solutions including temperature and visibility predictions, tenability and occupant egress
  • Assessment of indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort metrics including predicted mean vote (PMV) and predicted percentage of dissatisfied (PPD) according to ASHRAE 55
  • Demonstration of suitability for natural ventilation for local micro-climates and urban environments
  • Assessment of toxic gas and vapour dispersion to ensure the safety of occupants and pedestrians